Virtual Number Service

If you are a small business owner and want to expand your horizons to the international levels, having a virtual number for your business always helps. It can be used to connect to customers directly. We offer you a flexible and reliable virtual number service that will be beneficial for your company. We offer you virtual number service with the best available technology currently. With our best virtual number service, you get various options like call recording, Automated IVR, DIfferent Extensions, Call Distribution, User database, Detailed report etc.

Gdigitalindia provides you an efficient service that allows you to take huge call volume and keep the accurate track all customer that connect with you with a virtual phone number. Moreover, Every business call you get will be logged properly so that a detailed report can be generated for your benefit. Also, the virtual number we provide will have integrated IVR service. Having an IVR service gives you the power to manage several customers simultaneously and effectively. A virtual number that has IVR helps you manage different departments according to their ease using extensions. The virtual number service we provide also helps in your marketing campaigns as you have a reliable contact method available all the time. A virtual number gives you a single contact place for your brand that is easy to reach. Unlike traditional lines that get stuck due to high call volume, an automated voice integrated virtual number service does not let you down even when a large number of customers are contacting at the same time.