Bulk SMS Service in Jaipur

Bulk SMS is an underrated marketing tool that is highly effective and comparatively cheaper than other marketing methods. It has an exceptional open rate of more than 95%, which makes it an efficient and convenient way to send promotional or informational messages to the contacts. Despite being an old age technology, SMS marketing has the edge over eMail marketing when it comes to open rate and engagement. Emails have a roughly open rate of 15%, which makes it sightly inefficient as compared to Bulk SMS marketing.

Bulk SMS Services in Jaipur delivery helps in reaching those areas where the reach of the internet and smartphones isn't good. For example, In villages where the majority of the population still uses basic phones for daily uses. With the help of Bulk SMS marketing, we can target a large number of national and international recipients at once. Some primary motives of Bulk SMS are to send reminders, Promotional messages, Updating customers about the order statuses, OTPs, etc.

Bulk SMS Services in Jaipur

Who uses Bulk SMS services?

It is preferred When we want to reach a large number of users at once to either send an alert or specific information. It is highly recommended for every size of enterprises to adopt SMS marketing along with eMail marketing to get the best engagement. Some common examples are:

  • Banks - Mostly uses for sending balance alerts, OTPs, Festival wishes, Security alerts, general messages, etc.
  • eCommerce Stores - Updates the customers about new deals, Shipment alerts, Upcoming sales, Order confirmations, Otp, etc.
  • Health Care - Companies like Netmeds, PharmEasy updates the customers about new offers, Medical checkups, etc.
  • Local Stores and Centres - Location-based messages are sent to target nearby potential customers. Ex- Gym, Saloons.

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